Laboratory Department
All type of blood & urine
Radiology Deptartment
Cardiology Deptartment
- Treadmill Test
- 2D-Echo
Lung Function
- Spirometry
Medical Examination
Pre-employment health check-up
Insurance health check-up
Emergency Medical Assistance
Home/Office Visits

Shashwat Hospital & Research Centre is located at one of the convenient locations of Ahmedabad City. This centre is set up to provide all necessary investigations and consultation at one roof.
Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution… presents the wise choice of many alternatives. Our mission is provide Quality in all form.
Vision & Value
• Meeting the requirements of our patients consistently
• Providing accuracy in Clinical & Diagnostic checks
• Providing reliability in our Test Results & Quality in the services
• Managing Medical Services backed by high levels of patient care & sensitivity
• Confidentiality & Integrity for the patients
• Strive towards Excellence & Perfection
To prevent a health crises for yourself or a loved one
To detect possible future health problems
To maintain good health and enjoy life
To live to a ripe old age
For those having a history of
diabetes, BP, Cardiac Problems etc in the family are more at risk and therefore early detection is essential to control the problem